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“If you could know the futre would you?” by Daniel Desforges

Raising Energy

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Am I in the right relationship? What is my purpose in life? Will my family be happy? How successful will I be? What does the future hold for me?

We can help!

  • Am I in the right RELATIONSHIP?
  • Will my FAMILY be Happy?
  • Am I going to make more MONEY?
  • What is my PURPOSE in Life?
  • What is your ANIMAL Thinking?


READINGS Psychic Readings  

Mediumship, cards, stones, spirit, animals and spirit communication are used in this session to help our clients in whatever way is necessary.  These services  more…

ENERGY HEALING – Healing Techniques 

Different forms of healing techniques are used to release and aid in movement forward in one’s life. Distance healing for people and more…


Animal communications whether alive and present in the room, in another location, or crossed over to the other side. Speaking to animals is a natural ability that’s more…

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT – One on one classes with Angel

Everyone has intuitive and psychic abilities. These abilities vary from person to person. In these intensive 1 hour one on one classes, Angel will more…

PSYCHIC PARTIES – Private In Home Parties with Angel
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HOUSE CLEARINGS – Energetic Clearing of home or business
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