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Who is Angel Morgan?

Angel Morgan is a dynamic television host and well known psychic with clients around the world. She is a regular guest on CFRB, The Night Side with BarbDiGiuiio, She has her own TV show on the Rogers network called Raising Energy.

Why She’s different

What makes Angel different from other psychics is her ability to allow those who are living to come through in readings as well. Dead or alive, Angel can connect to their sprits in order to help guide and heal. She also has the rare and uncanny ability to speak to animals as easily as she speaks with other spirits.


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rogers-studio-tv-tapingWant an AMAZING experience? Come and be a part of our live INTERACTIVE audience and see a REAL psychic work!!! An ENTERTAINING and FUN time for the whole family dead and alive!!!

I do enjoy your shows and the surprised looks on peoples’ faces when you zoom in on them and talk to their personal lives. Your constant explanations of what you hear and what you see make your show quiteinteresting. Thank you. Kathy Bruce

Angel, you are amazing. It felt like you had been following me around for the past year, you were so  clear on what was happening in my life and in my thoughts. Thank you for clarifying the messages I have been receiving. Bless you and see you soon.

Sharon Hay

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